a chick chick here, a chick chick there


Newer webcam
You will need to log in. Username is "chicks", password is blank.
Note: For Windows Internet Explorer, use "ActiveX Mode" login form. For Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. press "Server Push Mode" Login button instead. If you log in and see navigation links on the left, but do not see a picture, click the "Live Video" navigation link.
Older webcam
This is a direct MJPEG stream and no login needed.
Safari and Chrome browsers work well. Firefox works OK - may need to reload page after initial load. Internet Explorer will not work.

Note that the midday sun is too bright for this webcam. Try viewing when that is not an issue during Mountain time in the USA (longtitude -105.12).

If the heat lamp is on, that is also too bright, so the chicks cannot be seen directly when they are working on their suntans, which is most of the time.