a chick chick here, a chick chick there

Below are graphs of the egg count for each year.


In 2008, we started laying.


In 2009 we kept a steady pace. In midsummer we lost some of our records. Maybe Jasmine ate them? In the winter we grew new feathers and took a rest.


In 2010 you can see we lost some records in the summertime again. We also have large spikes where eggs were "laid away" from the nest box and discovered later. Lucy gathered the two largest clutches by sneeking through the gate out to the hinterlands to lay her eggs out there. She must want a brood real bad! The rest of us also managed to hide our eggs in random locations around the yard from time to time just to keep things interesting.




Please excuse the plotting artifacts at y=0. The charts are made with the Ruby Gruff library, and we don't know what its problem is. We suspect "style over substance" disease.

We would share the script to do this, but it's too messy at the moment, since we're learning as we go and all that. We previously used Google Charts, but we found the 2048 character limit on the URL is too short for a full year of data.