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Coop Door-o-matic 1.0 Features

The Door-o-matic is present on the local wireless TCP/IP network. Door status and operations are currently done using remote HTTP requests. Currently, cron handles scheduling of the door open and close.

Coop Door-o-matic 1.0 Howto

The ongoing saga of building an automated chicken coop door with materials at hand and a few other things.

What we have so far:

What we'd like to do:

Hard Ingredient List

Soft Ingredient List

Rough Concept

The idea is to run the scanner door horizontally on the J bead rails using the scanner motor. The computer orchestrates.

Step 1: Kill the Scanner

The HP 4c has an enclosure inside that includes the power circuitry and the motor controller circuitry. We keep that box, the motor, the belt, the idler pulley, and the lid. Here we see the enclosure guts and the motor along with some leads the electronics expert added to study the motor controller IC.

Step 2: Connect the computer to the motor

This step is a bit fuzzy. Napkin note transcription and reverse engineering are in progress...

Step 3: Bring up the computer

The Plat'Home OMS computer by default runs a particular version of Linux called SSD Linux. The easiest way to write applications for the OMS is to cross compile in a VMWare image. More to come...

Step 4: Connect the limit switches to the computer

We're looking for part numbers on two magnetic (reed) switches.

You may want source code to run the motor. Stay tuned.

You may want source code to run the motor until the switches are tripped. Stay tuned.